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August 27, 1997

I just wanted to point out that adventures are defined by their uncertain outcome. In this case, My husband, Jim and I go on an adventure every tine we leave our house in his Cheech and Chong ban. The last time we took it out, we were stranded over the Missouri River, the van throwing oil all over the back window and the metal bridge. All we could do was laugh and rev the motor, until it decided to move forward. It turned out to be a seal, but we got home okay. We at one time had a pickup . We parked next to his mother's trash burner, then took out for a drive. As we were going down the road, I kept asking him what he was smoking. He said it was just the usual. At some point I looked over my left shoulder and saw huge flames through the back window. He stopped the truck, and I bailed out big time. A volunteer fire truck came by and let us use their fire extinguisher. Of course, neither Jim or I had ever used one and that did little or no good. A farmer drove up and said we should follow him. I was not getting into that inferno, so I walked to the farmplace. When I got there, this guy had cages of exotic chickens sitting all over his farm with straw in the cages. Needless to say, bringing Jim's flaming truck into the yard wasn't the best idea. We made a great new friend, though! A day in my life! Pam

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