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Response: A Broken Window

October 24, '99

Hello, I agree with your philosophy of not shaming children, or anyone for that matter. However, that is not why I am writing to to. I found your article very annoying to read because you used such words as: egregiously, aberrant, unmitigated, and perpetuate. What do the first three of the four mean anyway??? I am not an extremely educated man, but I am not an ignorant one either. May I suggest that if in the future you wish to contribute an article that you wish the GENERAL population to enjoy reading, then use common English. It is nice to know that your Son grew up and "Graduated College". But, the question is....did he really learn something or party his way through it. Seeya, Rob




"Egregious" is flagrant, "in your face" (sort of like your response); "aberrant" is "not the norm, not acceptable;" "unmitigated" is "undiluted, not watered down;" and "perpetuate" is "to continue for an indefinite length of time."

Thanks for writing. I'll think about what you said.


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