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Busyness, A Second Look: Discussion

Mike-I enjoyed your column. It reminded me of our tendency to to not fully experience the present. Instead of being fully (or evenly mostly!) involved in and aware of what we are doing at any given time, we tend to worry about "getting it done in time" to get all of our other "have- to- do" things done. I have just resigned a very draining job in the criminal justice system (after 16 years) and my mind is jumping amongst all the things I should be accomplishing with the time I have while my boys are in school. I spent an hour wandering through our woods and walking through our field with our two very happy chocolate labs, who are NEVER too busy to enjoy the simple things in life. I hope I will learn from them! I love your columns, Mike, and appreciate your service to mid-lifers. I'll be 39 in a few weeks, and hope to figure out what comes next as in a career change! BK

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