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Response: Our Desires Are Too Weak

I appreciate your perspective on mid-life crisis. I recently found myself tempted to stray from my 18-year marriage. The result is I am now emotionally attached to a person that is located far from my home. Due to the mixed feelings caused by this new relationship, I have been attempting to sort out my feelings. From your comments, I seem to be on the right track in that I feel that if I could position myself in a career that would provide me with the feeling that I am touching people's lives and making a significant contribution, I would be less inclined to stray. In the meantime, I am struggling with avoiding temptation and would appreciate it if there were a support group online that I could e-mail every time I am tempted to make contact with this other person (via e-mail, letter or phone). I'm sure there are others out there that have had affairs (whether sexual or not) and gotten past them. I feel like it must be a similar feeling to be a part of AA in that making the decision to stop the relationship is relatively simple compared to the day-to-day struggle of carrying through with that decision. Any helpful comments would be appreciated! Cindy



Sounds like a good idea. I think you might find a group like this on Friends of Best Years, who would listen and respond when you felt the need to talk. You can try this free for a month, and if you like it, it's not very expensive (a couple of dollars per month) to keep it.

Good luck.


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