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Response: To Erma Bombeck on Mothers' Day

November 8, '98

Great column. I was searching for info on Erma to assist me in my attempt to pick up where she left off. Well, not exactly, but I write short, comical stories about life in the country as a city girl. So I came across your tribute, and a fine one it was, and decided to let you know. Just a thought. Joyce

December 28, '98

Mike great great site merry merry merry xmas . and who on earth has written the Martha Steward - Erma talk ???


January 29, 99

Mike, I just read your article, "To Erma Bombeck on Mothers Day". I enjoyed it very much. I found it while trying to find something else on the internet. Awhile ago I read something that I believe was written by her husband, after her death. It was a story of there life together told as a ride on a roller coaster. Do you know where I could find a copy of this? I new I should have saved it as I threw it away......

Thanks for your help Ruffy


Sorry Ruffy,

I don't know. But if you find it, please let me know too.

Good luck.


March 13, 1999

I'm German and have lived in Hannover/Germany all my life, but I had many chances to read Erma Bombeck's writing. Ever since I first read her columns, more than 20 years ago, I admired her. A journalist myself , I used to be proud when I got one of my articles printed alongside (a translated) one by Erma Bombeck in the German paper "Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz", which run a Bombeck column every week. I'm happy to own lots of Erma's book in English. (Brought them home from trips to the USA.) I'll never forget her. Elisabeth Piper, Hannover/Germany


You find the article by Erma's husband in the great book "For Ever Erma". There are also very touching tributes by colleagues, Art Buchwald f.e. I'm German, living in Hannover/Germany, but read a lot of Erma's articles. clipped for me by American friends. I also have her books. Greetings, Lisa Piper


I have tried for years to find a peom that a local Radio station read on Mothers Day years ago that Erma Bombeck wrote I believe. Would you know where I could find this?--Susie

April 5, 1999

Hi I am writing about the colum i just found on Erma Bombeck ......I want to say i am very impressed...I have been a fan of hers for years, and becasue of her i followed a dream of mine and started writing. I am not published yet but because of my dream I have not given up.....Many times Erma's work helpd me get thru some hard times.....Being a mom of 4 it was like i could relate to her.....I write 2 newsletters on AOL and one is called PAI { Parents Against Insanityu lol } I would very much like permission from you to ad this link to Mays issue Since your article pretty well says it all ,not only about her work and what a very specail lady se was but also about mons...Thank you for your time & please keep up the great work ......take care.......Jo

April 9, '99

I loved Ermas way of thinking. I have lots of clips from the newspaper but no books, which one is the best to buy ????



Kelly, Try "If Life Is a Bowl Full of Cheeries, What Am I Doing in the Pits," or "Life Is Always Greener Under the Septic Tank." --Mike

April 23, '99

I'm trying to locate the articles written by Erma Bombeck called "When God Created Mothers. Or Why God created Mothers. They were published in our local newspaper and I would like to have a copy. She also wrote one about Fathers.



Can anyone help with this title? You might try a search on Amazon.com.---Mike

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May 8, 99

I just heard Erma Bombecks article " I lovedyou enough"read out on my localradio station. I would like to find the transcript so that I could give it to my sons. Can you please help me with this?



Hi! Being the mother of three I have been looking for a series of three poems that Erma wrote about each of her three children. Each poem begins with "I love you the most because..." and goes on to talk about each kid in relation to the family, birthorder etc. If ANYONE knows where I can find this poem please email me at glasspac@email.msn.com. Thanks a million!


I'm looking for an article by Bombeck on Mother's Day - need it tonight, sorry. So I'm desperate. I've searched the web over and yours looks like the best resourse. I appreciate your response ASAP. Thanks.



Can any of you readers help with any of these requests? If so, just email me (mike@bestyears.com)


May 14, '99

For those looking for the transcript for the Erma Bombeck "I loved you enough..." work, try here. It's not official, but I also heard it on the radio and had to find it.


Happy Mother's Day to all!


Dear Mike, I heard about a poem to her Mother, written by Erma Bombeck. which book is this in? Could you possibly forward a copy to me. I miss Erma's books, they all make me feel so normal in my daily struggles. Thanks Dee


Looking for a poem: "No more oatmeal kisses" ....I think that's the name?

Thanks so much--JW

July 12, '99

Hi Mike- I found your article today and some of the respones from your readers. I have been a huge fan for some time. In response to one of your readers - the article on special mothers can be found in "Motherhood, The Second Oldest Profession" on page 70. It can bring you to tears. I'd also like to make a recommendation - "When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time To Go Home." It is hysterical and touching. I have read it over many times. My only warning is to be careful of where you read it. On my commute to work I have had my eyes tear and giggled to myself a little to loud during some of the best parts. Happy reading, Rebeca

PS - Do you know where I can find some of her books on audio tape?


Rebeca--Try www.amazon.com--Mike

August 16, '99

I am trying to find something Erma Bombeck wrote tha t said If I had my life to live over. It was beautiful. If you could help me find it I would appreciate it soo much.


Betty, I have a copy of it in my hand. It's from a Readers' Digest article--I think in 1979. I'll bet if you tell your librarian this much, they can find it for you. The title is "If I Had My Life to Live Over."

Good luck.


August 21, '99

I believe that during one of her appearances on the Johnny Carson Show, Erma Bombeck in response to Carson asking her opinion about raising children, said the following: "Children are a punishment from God." A friend of mine insists that this statement originated with the comedian/actor David Steinberg. Can you or any of your readers verify and/or direct me to the material that confirms that Erma was the author?

Thank you for your attention and response to my query.


August 29, '99

I am looking for an artical or poem written by Erma Bombeck that begins, "My favorite child is the one who needed me most, that one that is sick, the one who's lost her boyfriend..."

Does anyone know of this and where I can find a complete copy?

Thanks D

October 4, '99


December 25, '99


Mike, I am looking for a copy of a Erma/Martha Stewart thing I got in an email last Christmas. Do you have any idea where I might find it? Thanks, Deanna C. Lakewood, Oh


To whomever and to everyone. I just came accross the request (agan) in a crossword puzzle asking for th name of columnist Bombeck and of course I know that it is "Erma" because of all the great memories her writings did and still do make me think and appreciate family. I know she has been gone for many years but she will never be gone from my internal house. I don't know who I'm writing to or why, I just felt a strong compulsion to tell someone how much she was appreciated.


April 21, 2000

In response to Ruffy's article about life on the roller coaster--It is in the tribute section of Forever, Erma.  Do you know where I can find criticism (positive or negative) about her books?  I need the positive criticism to be more specific than-she was funny.  I need in depth analysis.  Thanks,

December 4, 2000

I am hoping you can help me.  I am looking for a poem/article written by Erma Bombeck after she was diagnosed with cancer outlining the things that she would/wouldn't do if she had it all to do over again.  It was wonderful.  Can you help me find it.  It was on the net but I don't know if it's just been e-mailed around or where I can find the source.


Lee S.

December 18, 2000

I would like to have a copy of Erma Bonbeck's wrighting on mother/daughter transition. It illistrates very vividly how the daughter takes on the role of mother and the mother takes on the role of the daughter, and how the roles reverse as each get older. I would appreciate any help you can offer in finding this wrighting. Thank you,

Lyndon Bartle

January 22, 2001

I read your web site and I too love Erma Bombeck although I didn't get into her stories until she had passed away.  I do some writing and someone asked me had I read any of her works.  I hadn't heard of her and it made me look up something about her.  I was amazed at how she could come up with sayings that were so real and funny.  I wish I could have met her.
Elizabeth Kernen

February 5, 2001

I only would like to say that Erma Bombeck literally saved my life more than once...when i would be down and out about something there would be a column that seemed to be just for me...i praise her sense of humor and her words still ring in my ears...i loved and still love reading her "words of wisdom" as i call them...thanks for the opportunity to put my two cents in....God Bless and Keep Erma...geneva barham

February 27, 2001

Je ne connais pas Erma Bombeck. Mais, j'ai reçu un message (une pensée) par courrier électronique que je devais
faire suivre à d'autres personnes. Comme je préfère en faire profiter uniquement les gens qui le désire, plutôt que de
faire du spam avec des courriels, j'ai transformé cette pensée en page web que je vous offre à l'adresse suivante :


Huguette Paquet.

May 15, 2001

I miss Erma Bombeck and her column dearly.  I was a young mother in the 1970's and Erma's books made me laugh so much and  gave me a lot of insight on "realistic mothering".  I miss her terribly.  She has given a lot of joy and laughter in this world. I enjoyed  your column very much.



Thanks so much for sharing! I was just talking about her the other day. I truly miss her column. She always made me laugh!



i just read your tribute to erma bombeck.....

i am glad someone thought of it. i am 30 years old, and have read soooooooooooooo many of her books that i cant remember most of the titles. i read her books alot!!!!  before i became a mother, and probably a very little after i became a mother.
with reading your tribute, i now realize how much i miss reading her books and hope  that i can find all of them so that i may take them up and cherish them even more now that my children are older and can be a menace to society.  ha ha ha.

thanks for the great memeories.
and the tears.
i am an emotional mother.
but proud of it




Our parish priest read Erma's poem When God Made Mothers on Mother's Day and everyone was touched, Erma knew exactly how mothers feel, I can relate to her so much and she makes me see the daily struggles of dealing with kids with a sense of humor.



Erma used to have a column in one of our magazines here in Australia years ago, and she wrote one piece about the loss of her mother it was both with humour and sadness.  I cut it out and kept it, and now I can't find it.  Is it an impossible question to ask if there is some way that I could locate it again.  Many thanks in anticipation, Marie Briggs, Gosfors, NSW, Australia


I'll ask Marie, and if any of my readers know, they can post to this forum.

Best Wishes--Mike

May 21, 2001

I just finished reading "A Marriage Made in Heaven or Too Tired for an Affair".  I decided to go online and look up information about Erma.  I came across your site and loved it.  I too miss Erma and her humor.  She had a neat way of telling stories that would make me laugh out loud or get misty eyed or stop and think.  Most of what she wrote helped to connect all of us to the real world.  She was real in every way.....it's so sad that she was taken from us...she had so much more to give.    Does anyone know of her last book and did you ever find out if her husband had written a book about their marriage?     Thanks for "listening".

Ann LeBlanc, Massachusetts

July 1, 2001

Dear Mike,

I am very pleased to find your website about our dear Erma.  Many years ago, after reading "I Want to Grow Hair.."   about children with cancer, I began a career and a mission to bring comfort to cancer patients through my therapeutic harp music.  I wrote to Erma at the beginning of that interest, telling her what a profound impact she had made on me.  She wrote back on her simple stationery with her own typewriter telling me how much it meant to her.

I am now a regular part of the atmosphere at a Cancer Center and Hospice in Medford, OR.  I have just produced a therapeutic harp CD in tribute to cancer patients called "On Wings Of A Dove."  My next project is a book which I would like to dedicate to Erma.  Could you direct me to her family to whom I may send the CD and ask their permission for this dedication.   It will be a book about the beauty and love which emerges at the end of life.

 My husband and I are also working on a video series with the first to be a nature/harp video which would be available to closed circuit hospital TV rooms, foster homes,  cancer centers, wherever there needs to be calming and relaxation.

Thank you for your guidance,Mike.  I wish to help you memorialize Erma Bombeck and the sensitive wisdom which she shared throughout her life.

Christine Magnussen

July 30, 2001

Hello Mike,

Up untill 2 days ago I didn't know who Erma Bombeck was, and up untill 10 minutes ago I didn't know that she was gone. 2 days ago I bought at a 2nd hand book shop Erma Bombeck's "Motherhood The Second Oldest Profession". But while I was reading this delightful book I came to the section about The Special Mother. I have a son with autism and I have read lots and lots of books and quotes and articles about how wonderful and special disabled children are. And I agree, they may be less than prefect, but they teach you that prefection is not what we think it is. But for the frist time I have read something that remembers that us moms of special children are infact special too. I have to admit that I broke down and cried. Not out of
saddness but out of joy that someone out there took the time to acknowledge our strenghts and weaknesses. My only regret is that I can not thank her in person for what her "The Special Mother" article has done to help ease the stress and burdens I cope with day to day. Now I know when in the future when I'm stressed out and start asking "Why Me?" I can take out that book
and turn to "The Special Mother" and answere that question and remember why  God chose me for my son.

Sincerly -shelly


Dear Mike,
In the previous chat room on December 18, 2000, the correspondent requested information regarding a Bombeck writing about When the daughter becomes the Mother and the Mother becomes the daughter.  I am also interested in a copy
of this piece. If you can assist, please respond.
Thanks for the help.
Paul Hefflebower


Dear Mike,
I read Erma's piece on oatmeal kisses to each member of my family when my last of two daughters left home, warning them that my voice would go quaky, and it did.  I wrote to Erma about this and received a nice post card response.  I also received a reply to my sympathy card to the family from her daughter.  Good people.
Glad there is a place to express my thoughts and read others'.  Thanks.
Chloe Lietzke
Oakland, CA

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