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Response: Everybody Else

 Hi Mike, Great article! Everybody Else has been a problem for my husband. I don't really think about them. I hope he will soon be able to feel more content and not just complacent. Thanks.


March 19, 2000

Hi -

 Just wanted to say that I loved the column.  I am 47 (female) and have just had my first rude introduction to Midlife Crisis.  It started with having to get bifocal contact lenses!  Now I am pricing facelifts!  In the meantime, I will continue to read these great articles.


July 1, 2001

Mike Bellah gives me a "bellah" laugh!  I'm new to this site... did a search on midlife crisis, and found this great place.  Spouse is moving out soon, and I'm actually starting to feel empowered, after months of tears and anxiety.  Thank you for such a great place for support.  Am familiar with "everybody else" as I have a teen, but this was a new and refreshing twist on this intangible "being".  Mike writes well, and he's cute.  From a midlifer, don't sweat over receding hairlines.  Oddly, some of my friends
and I find that attractive now.  Maybe comes from watching "The Sopranos"... ole Tony Soprano has little hair and a paunch to boot, but my girlfriends and I all find him darn attractive.

Till later! -Andrea



I stumbled on to this site, and your article was wonderful. Im 18, so I dont know the extent of a midlife crises you could say. This article led me to think about " everybody else. "  Thank you for the thought that no one seems to say out loud.  I hope others will stumble on to this as I have, because most people my age and a little older are still comparing themselves to " everybody else " because " everybody else " is better.  I hope people will notice what they have, give thanks, and realize that " everybody else " never existed.

Jessica from SC

July 30, 2001

hanks, I like it. It brighted my day.


"everybody else" just hit me right where it should be....when going
through mid life crisis (oh, yes i am ) is always a good excuse for
everything else i do - just like 'everybody else'...

thanks for a lovely eye opener for me and i am sure for everybody else,
too :-)

a thousand miles away in manila, philippines,


Hi Mike,

I loved your story in Terri's newsletter. "Everybody else" It's so true everything you said. Don't worry our children are better than
everybody else's. Our home is just a good, our jobs are getting us through life. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one
thinking, I'm not as good as everybody else. Thanks for opening up my eyes to what I have.

Take care, Michelle

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