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Response: My First Bicycle

January 25, '00


My sister mailed me a handful of items from the area newspapers, one of them was the article about your first bicycle. My oldest son's first bicycle was from Bud Parker's Western Auto Store also.

When I came to your story, I was startled to see BOB BELLAH'S face on the page. You look as much like your dad as my boys do theirs. I started to school with Bobby wayyyy back in 19__!!!! About a 100 years ago, my name was Jeri Montgomery, you probably don't remember me though.

Reading your story brought back a lot of old but good memories of "the old Canyon" of bygone years. We raised our boys there and we all think it was the best place on earth. Too bad times can't be as peaceful and easy going as back then.

I read the Amarillo obits everyday online, I hope I can find your column also because I really did enjoy this last one.

Jeri Rozell

May 15, 2001

Do you happen to remember the Western Flyer Jump Cycle?

Have you seen any anywhere?

Trina Arp



I haven't, Trina. But if anyone has who is reading this forum, they can get in touch with you.

Good luck--Mike

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