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Response: A Midlife Getaway

This appeals to me. Can you offer a "syllabus" that would make it a productive getaway? You mentioned listing everything you were grateful for in the past, and making "having more fun" one of your goals. Besides conducting a positive review and listing future goals, what types of items do you suggest I concentrate on?



Dianne, A good question, and one that I don't have time to respond to right now. Maybe some of the rest of you have ideas for Dianne. If so, post to the Midlife Getaway discussion.

Good luck--Mike

May 15, 2001

This is in response to Dianne's response to A Midlife Getaway:

Dianne, I suggest you don't concentrate on anything purposely. Just get away, by yourself, to someplace you have never been before. See what there is to see there, talk to the people there. Get away from everything in your normal life. Don't call, don't e-mail. Just be "Dianne", not "Mrs. Wife", not "Mom", not "The Businesswoman". Find Dianne. I just got back from such a trip. Three days weren't long enough, just made me thirsty for more. I found that I could depend on myself. I'm stronger than I thought.

Iris - 46

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