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Response: Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

September 25, 2000

I am a high school student, a senior, and my World History teacher said to do an oral and written report on who our heroes are.  Well of course in my generation, I headed to the Internet and I came across your article.  I really like it, and it does prove to be true. I asked some of my other classmates who they are doing theirs on and mostly responded with celebrities
names. I want to do someone who actually did something courageous, inspiring, and did good for people. I still don't know who I'll write mine on, but your article gave me a few more ideas. I think I'll print this out to my teacher, and wait to see what tomorrow's reports bring; to just see how much of my class is going to do as you predicted. I'll might even send another email saying who I wrote on and tell you what my classmates did.

But really thank you for pointing out who the REAL heroes are in the world, I appreciate your dedication for your independence in your ideas and not going with the crowd and saying that just celebrities are heroes just because their
rich and famous.

Thank you,


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