Your Best Years

 "The main emotion of the adult American who has had all the advantages of wealth, education, and culture is disappointment."

-----John Cheever

  According to current opinion polls, Cheever's words describe way too many of us, especially those of us entering midlife. The reasons for our midlife disappointment are as predictable as they are numerous. Most of them spring from a sense of loss (either real or imagined), including . . .
  • lost careers, jobs, and opportunities
  • lost reputation and influence
  • lost wealth and security
  • lost spouses due to death or divorce
  • lost friendships due to any of the above
  • lost children: rebellious teens living at home or successful children leaving home
  • lost physical abilities and attractiveness
  • and all the corollaries of the above: lost happiness, peace, self-esteem, lost dreams and lost hope.

It is the premise of my columns that all of the losses on the first of this list can be endured and overcome by regaining the losses at the end of the list, especially hope itself. For many of us are finding that our middle years give us more than they take from us. These are times when our hearts and minds are turned toward the truly important things in life, including the joy of living itself.

  • These columns are about the joy of living.
  • These columns are about hope.
  • These columns are about your best years yet.

And they're free. Enjoy--Mike


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