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Response: Life's In-betweens

Guess it's the "in-betweens" that make us all appreciate the good times. I was at a UMW meeting last night and our topic of discussion was friendship. That's how I came across your page. The two subjects are closely related. At 45, it seems that my priorities are changing and subsequently, friends are changing. Is is a mid-life thing or in-between thing?



Mike, You are right on the money re: enjoying the ride of life! I look back on how we raised our two children and I have a sense of pride and satisfaction that we took the time to enjoy the little things with our children. We didn't have much materially, but we made use of the time we did have. And that plays a big part in generations to come- what your children pass on to their children, etc. I'm so glad we took the time to enjoy many things along the way. And it sure is a reminder for me in mid-life to enjoy even the empty nest. Joys can be found in all situations!


September 17, 2000

I loved the line..."It's naive to think that pleasure will come at the end of the trip's destination if it eludes us along the way." You have some powerful insight on the journey of life. Thanks for sharing Mike.


May 21, 2001

Hello, Mike!

As always, your columns are filled with wisdom and depth.  I particularly enjoyed this one as I am in an in-between time again and have just come to realize what you so indicate so well in this column.

For years, I lived trying to reach that goal, with my "eyes on the prize", striving to get there and very nostalgic for the moment I started the journey, which were mostly filled with energy and hope.  For years, I did not enjoy the journey itself, the preparation for the "prize".  No, I was too busy with the fixation on the end result.

For a year now I have been looking for a job and dealing with getting my emotional being back in shape, to get my self-esteem back where it should be, etc.  It was not until I realized that this in-between time was just as important (or more) than finding the actual job or being finally at a comfortable place, that I started enjoying the journey.  One good day I decided to do something for myself while "on the road" and got myself into a gym (have lost 20 lbs. and am on my way), took on some yoga and meditation and have made a very conscious effort to move on.  It is a struggle sometimes, but I am actually enjoying the journey more than anything else and I know that when I get to my "destination", I will be in the right state of mind.

Thanks for your great words, my friend!  Here's to many more!

Best regards,

Morris Amato

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