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Updated  on January 15, 2011. If you want to trade links, contact me.

Baby Boom Things
Baby Boomers' Home Page:
Includes opportunities for online chat.

Boomer Women Speak
The place where wise, warm, and witty baby boomer women are connecting, encouraging, and supporting one another every day.

California Boomer
Baby Boomer stories from California

Old Lazy
Apparel for boomers.

The National Association of Baby Boomers:
A non-profit organization that seeks to unite baby boomers in common causes. Can join for free.

Read my own midlife story.

Midlife Things
All about Women
Learn how to change your life for the better, escape from stress, find harmony with your loved one, and stay a beautiful woman in any age.

Candy you ate as a kid
Wax Lips, Candy Buttons, BB Bats, Wax Bottles, Sky Bars, Candy Cigarettes, Zagnuts, Necco Wafers. Over 250 fresh candies from the 50s, 60s and 70s - still available after all of these years.

Career Design Associates, Inc., Helen Harkness, Ph.D.
"Freedom is Knowing Your Options"

Career and Life Coaching
John Prindle, M.A., has helped hundreds of people to move into more meaningful work and purposeful lives.  He can coach you to make the positive life changes you desire.

Career Change Resumes
Are you changing careers? Rita Fisher and her skilled staff can produce a professional resume that will get you interviews.

Career Network Associates
Looking to change careers at midlife? Here's a site with lots of resources.

College Study Abroad programs are a great way to immerse yourself in and experience the culture of a different country.

Cooking for Love
Who Says Women Over 50 Are Too Old For Adventure, Romance And Sex?

Cosmetic Surgery
The Manchester Clinic offers an extensive selection of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures for your face, breasts, body and skin.

Excel In Performance
One of Australia's leaders in mentoring and coaching. We teach others how the most successful people build successful and fulfilling lives so they too can have achieve the same and even better results.
the only sorority for women in their prime

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory
Family & Marriage counseling resources, articles written by professional therapists, live phone counseling, recommended books, and more.

Finding Yourself After 50
Free Ezine shows You How to Make the Rest of Your Life the BEST of your LIFE!
Helping People Find Therapists & Advocating for Ethical and Healthy Therapy & Marriage Counseling Practices

Halftime is a time out -- a time to think seriously about one's purpose in life and draft a game plan for the second half.

I Was Your Age Twice!
A site for older people to cuss and discuss and rant. Small children and big babies are not allowed.

Life Two
helping people make the best of the second half of their lives

Magic of Midlife
A site for men and women to find fulfillment in the second half
The title says it all. By John David Bradshaw - The #1 After50 Entrepreneurs' Coach "Together, we can make the impossible...possible!"

Providing midlife men a place to breathe.

Marriage Advice
Find advice and support for marriage problems like infidelity, divorce, addictions, depression, and more from this large community.

Mid-Life Dimensions:
Jim Conway's book Men in Mid-life Crisis was the first and most helpful I read on the subject, although I first read it 10 years ago and he wrote it nearly 20 years ago.

Louisiana Rep. Tim Burns

Midlife Fairy Godmothers
Tele-workshops, coaching, and free newsletter for women on becoming their own Midlife Fairy Godmother to regain lost energy, passion, and purpose so they can live an enchanting second life

Midlife Mastery
Dr. John Maynard helps individuals and companies handle the normal developmental issues of mid-life.  He focuses on five aspects of the individual: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional
A reader says, "This site and chat room have saved my life dealing with a husband of 36 yrs in crisis and living with ow."

Midlife on the Web
Dr. Catherine Sheen, a California psychologist with her own radio show on the subject, says midlife is worth living. The site offers a monthly book review and recommended reading. For a fee, Dr. Sheen does online cnsultations.

MIDMAC (the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Successful Midlife Development)
Funded by the MacArthur Foundation and led by Dr. Gilbert Brim, MIDMAC chronicles the results of a 10 year study, the most exhaustive of its kind, on midlife development.

Minnie Pauz
Dee says, "There's a lot of valuable information about menopause for all of us mid-life women, but here you can take a lighter look at the symptoms and treatments you will read about on the internet." Hey, I checked it out, and this is funny stuff--M. is a comprehensive portal full of informative articles which provides free guidance & tips on home Home improvement loans, Home Buying, Selling, Types of home loans and many other Home related topics.

a clearinghouse, career consultation & referral service that matches people's skills to international humanitarian need.

No More Boring Conferences
Training and conferences on life skills for midlifers.

Path Partners
Midlife Crisis? Bring it on!

Personal Coaching Services - Coaching and Coaches
Personal Coaching Services for Life, Business, Executive and Career. Find a Personal Coach or Become a Personal Coach at Coaching and Coaches today.

Personality Tests
Check out our range of PhD certified Personality tests. We also have loads of other IQ, Aptitude and Self-assessment Tests that  you would love.

Psychotherapy with Spirit
Spiritual growth for women in midlife.

Jay Slupesky, MA, MFT
A licensed marriage and family therapist in the Bay area who sees couples from many different walks of life, helping them make their relationships successful.

Special-Tea Coaching
for women at midlife who want to slow down and enjoy life sip by sip instead of gulp by gulp.
Listings of licensed Mental Health Professionals- All 50 US States- Every Specialty and Instant Telemedicine Connection with no long distance or Minutes usage charges. Any where in the world on your own Phone
Helping a generation change what it means to be 45, 55, 65. ThirdAgers are smart, adventurous and pursuing passions.

Tickle Your Soul
Author and lecturer Suzanne Zoglio says, "Welcome to the site for anyone who wants to make the next years of your life the best years of your life."

Waiting For My Cats to Die
A fellow midlifer talks frankly about her midlife crisis.

Other Things
offers large, lodge-like cabin rentals that are specifically designed for hosting family reunions

Canada Wide Flowers
A top FTD Canada florist where you can shop online for same day flower delivery.

Christian Dating Services/Christian Friendships

Cycles of Transition
A husband and wife midlife counseling/coaching practice.
All the help you need for your next family reunion.

Family Reunion Helper
Discover just how easy it can be to plan and host your next family reunion or family get-together.

Family Reunions and Group Lodging Cabins
These large log cabins are perfect for family reunions in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Find My Pals
Get reunited with old friends and classmates.

Franklin Virtual Schools
Get your GED easily and conveniently online from Franklin Virtual Schools.
a place where users can create and share gift ideas, as well as being able to send gifts internationally.
The truth is… success is closer than you think. It's just on the other side… you have to want it enough, and be willing enough to get it.

Healthcare Street
Medical, nursing, and healthcare jobs in the UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. We also have positions in the US and the Middle East.

Heritage Project
Kit for preserving memories of loved ones through "oral history."

Hollywood North - Acting & Modeling
Hollywood North helps actors, models, casting directors and talent agents communicate more efficiently with each other.  Actors and models have the ability to create personal portfolios which include photographs for the talent industry to access.

Love Poems and Quotes
A collection of romantic love poems and quotes, as well as a free monthly poetry contest

The Mining Company
A network of comprehensive websites for over 600 topics, many of which cover midlife issues and some which cite Best Years as a source.

Narnia Chat Channel
For those of you who are, like me, "friends of Narnia," here's the official Narnia chat channel.

Devoted to collectibles, nostalgic goods, personal memories and fun.

The National Directory of Family and Marriage Counseling
an online mental health resource site where one can research counselors in their neighborhoods as well as view resources and read articles about counseling and family issues

The Option Institute
"personal growth programs and seminars using life-changing, experiential learning techniques that can dramatically improve your health, career, relationships, and quality of life"

Parenting of Adolescents
Denise Witmer offers a wealth of information for parents of teens, including her own insightful comments plus well chosen links to other web sites.

Parlor Songs
Parlor songs and musical reminiscences of years gone by.

We are an international flower delivery website delivering flowers around the world. We also deliver Mothers Day Flowers and Floral Arrangements around the world.

The Positive Way
Articles and newsletters to help improve and enhance relationships.

The Real Mom Club
A satirical forum for mothers to cope with kids through stories, animation, cartoons, horoscopes, Top Ten and other features. This site made me laugh so much I cried.

Resolution Ranch
A therapeutic camp for teenage boys ages 13-17, Resolution Ranch offers solutions to families dealing with the negative influences in today's teenage environment.

Reunion Research
Tom Ninkovich provides planning tips and information on group reunions, including families and schools.

Based in India, this site offers articles, information, and Internet search.

SIA Security Course: Great Britain: Get your SIA security course and licence in three easy steps. Register for a SIA course for door security career in the private security industry.

Teen Boot Camps
If you are considering a boot camp for your teen we encourage you to take a minute and look through our site.
a National directory of centers and counseling services for those seeking help with family and marriage counseling, or treatment for substance abuse, mental and physical disorders, and more (This link goes to an article on Teens).

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