You Gave Me a Friend, Lord

You gave me a friend, Lord,
When I was just fifteen.
We met You the same summer
Sitting on the edge of a vast canyon that You made
I learned You died so we could live
And she trusted You, too, and we became spiritual sisters.

My daughters are the same age now that we were then,
That summer we met at camp.
We were two young girls excited to be teenagers
Wanting to know You....and who we were, too.
We brought our batons and twirled and hiked and talked
And learned to love You and our friendship was born.

How special that we had many summers on the canyon rim,
Spending hours together each day
Teaching arts and crafts and loving kids.
We didn't even know You were shaping us
As we talked about the future and
The mystery of You and Your plans for us...
and boys and hair and clothes and high school.

You gave me a friend, Lord,
I was just fifteen and didn't even know
What life would bring or that
I would need her friendship all through the years
To talk to about how to love You, Lord,
And discuss problems and mistakes we would make
With men and friends and jobs and children.

I've thought about the fact that You
Had friends here, Jesus.
And that You loved and were loved by them.
So I know that You value friendships
And that true friends are a gift
So I want to thank you, Lord,
For D'Lynne, my friend.

What a privilege to say
That I was maid of honor in her wedding
We were only twenty years old
But we had already shared a lifetime
Of secrets and promises and problems and wishes
Of who we hoped to become as adults.

We worked so hard, Lord, at life
At school, and work, and marriage.
We talked about her singing and my art
Were we gifted enough to major in it?
We were scared and shared our fears
And that helped us to do it.

The years didn't let us live near each other
But that never mattered when we were together
We just felt so comfortable together as always.
That is the magic of true friendship.
That the years would melt away
When we were together again.

I  finished college first, but she became a Mom first
And she finished her degree the year I became a Mom
With twins, something she could understand, too,
Both the awe and total joy to be a Mom.
And the monotony of making bottles and wiping upŠagain
Not a coincidence was it, Lord?

There were lost years, we called them,
When she was raising four kids
And I pursued a career.
Oh, our paths crossed and we made sure that
We talked and sent Christmas greetings,
But the real connection came later
When we told each other what we had admired
About each other during those hectic years.

We laughed that the grass was greener
To each of us when we saw each other
But couldn't have said it then.
But that was satisfying, too, Lord,
That this friend since my teens
Was there even now and we could
Be so unabashedly honest with each other.

She really was there for me recently
And that is a vivid memory.
How when I was raw, confused and hurting
That she understood and comforted me.
Mostly by just being there and listening
And that I saw You in her life, Lord,
In a very tangible way.

You have my friend, Lord,
And it doesn't seem right to me.
I'll miss her smile, blonde hair, and bright eyes,
Her laugh and her intelligence, too.
You blessed her with a wisdom and grace
That just got better with age
Unlike our eyesight!
I'll miss the ease with which
we could talk about nothing
Or very personal and serious topics, too.
We both liked Clay on American Idol
And we deeply desired a real spiritual walk with You
And could discuss both over tea and coffee.
Or on the phone separated by miles.

You gave me a friend, Lord,
When we were just fifteen.
And now she is with You.
Is she dancing for you, Jesus,
Or in awe of You just still?
I'll think of her every time I hear that song
And imagine her in Your presence.

So enjoy her bright mind and genuine beauty
That I got to enjoy and admire at the same time.
And let me remember the good times
And sweet memories that we shared
Over many years since we were fifteen
When You gave me a friend, Lord,
And I thank You.

Written by Meg on the night before we buried D'Lynne
In September, 2003