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The Mountain That Refused to Move: Discussion

Mike, I thank you so much for your mid-life web site. It is helpful to talk to others who have or are going through mid-life and share stories. I have faced a mountain that I have tried to move for 46 years. I have come to realize what you are saying- some mountains can't and shouldn't be moved. I need to move on. I have always wanted my brothers (5) to have a more active part in my life. From the time we were children, they wouldn't let me play sports with them (or would pick me last over a neighborhood girl who was more athletic). As we all started marrying, I wanted them to keep in touch so I'd know how they were doing (stop in, call, email, something). We all live in the same town except Rick who lives in San Diego. But it just doesn't happen. I finally accepted the fact that this is the way my family is, and I can wait until the cows come home. They aren't going to come visit or call me. I have always taken the initiative if I wanted to know how they are. They, obviously, don't care how I'm doing enough to contact me. Families rarely turn out the way you want them to. I have to accept this! I've tortured myself enough over the years. But I still want them to be in my life. I just have to go after them instead of the other way around.


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