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Response: Murphy Was a Midlifer

Well, it is true, that facing 50, things do seem a little bleak! Like health problems become important, when before you either ignored them or took a couple aspirin and ran out the door! Or, now when you fight with your parents, if you still have parents (I don't) you feel depressed because they are old and you're getting there and you don't want to "stress" them out any more than you are already "stressed" yourself. After all stress leads to heart disease, hypertension, etc. I mean when I go the beauty parlor now, the stylist is depressed because her father died and her mother is giving her problems ( she's becoming the child-horrors!) and when I go the shrink ( for stress related counseling) she's having problems with her mother, and when I call my daughter, she says she wishes she didn't have to deal with adult problems, like used car salesmen, etc. Well, all I can say is Murphy's right, but I'll opt for mid-life because as the retirees at the nursing home tell me, the alternative isn't too rosy either!

By the way, wandered into your web page looking for Military brats circa 1966 (high school). Glad I did!



I couldn't resist, all kinds of things came to mind. The myth that when your teenage child finally gets a job, you're sooo excited because they will not be asking for any more money.(aka loan me a few bucks Dad) Or your teenage son (likely 20 or so)gets his own transportation, again your elation runs high, only to one day get that call. Actually the call goes to Mom to break the sting, could Dad come and tow our car home? It just make this clicking sound and then died. Oh yea, could he bring a few bucks, we haven't eaten.



We just sent off our oldest of two children to college and the younger one is still at home. So, I guess we're not truly classified as mid-lifers. But, we are in our mid-40's if that's any indication of true "mid-life". A new Murphy's Law came to me today as I was shuttling our daughter to school (No bus anymore since our son, with drivers license., is gone). Okay, here it is:

Whenever you are in a hurry, the traffic lights are always red. Whenever you are not, the lights are always green!!!

Just found your page from my search of Murphy's Law sites. I will be visiting in the future.



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January 23, '99

Hi, In looking for info about midlife for our cable tv show called Midlife Crisis with Patty and Fran I came across your site and enjoyed Murphy's Midlife Some of us really know how to enjoy a good midlife crisis!

Sincerely, Patty Ando