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Response: The New Materialism

Mike: As a wife, mother of a 5 year old, manager of a regional assn., and midlifer just shy of 50--AMEN. We must choose the best to devote our time to. We owe it to ourselves, our husbands/wives, children, friends and selected causes, so we share the best of ourselves with those we love.



Mike, I just stumbled across your site. It's as if it's written just for me. Your column this week was especially relevant. I've become so tired lately of everybody's obsession with "being busy." It really has become a status symbol, much as material possessions were in the last decade. You said so well what I've been thinking. I look forward to spending more time at your site. I also found the book list very interesting and look forward to reading some of them.

Thanks for the good work!

A fellow mid-lifer, david


Mike: Just thought I'd thank you for the article. I am 16 yrs old and needed it for a short report for my social justice class. I couldn't agree with you more......except maybe if I was in my midlife!! -Ran

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