Old Stuff
No, the old stuff isn't in the picture; at least she's not old. This page points to pages I discontinued in January 2004. For about three years, Suzanne Beier and I responded to viewers questions about midlife, mostly about midlife crisis. Quite a bit of work went into this, at least on Suzanne's part, and you might find the responses still helpful. So check it out on the Question and Answer Page.

I started this site in the Spring of 1997 when the Internet was relatively new and web technology was still in its infancy. Anyway, for me this meant copying and pasting emails for my guest registry. Now this is automated; just go to Friends of Best Years. Then, if you want to see responses from before 2004, go to the Midlife Moments Bed and Breakfast.

Finally, most of viewers' early responses dealt completely with midlife crisis; thus, I created a Midlife Crisis Forum. You can view these messages prior to 2004, or, if you want to post something on that topic now, go to the new midlife crisis response page.

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