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Response: What Our Parents Never Told Us

Do you suppose that is what is causing our high divorce rate: That many people are in search of the perfect marriage? Maybe our parents never told us that there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect marriage, and that it takes a lot of HARD work to keep a marriage going. I think a lot of people today think that if they have to WORK at a marriage that there is something wrong, that it is supposed to be easy. And don't movies and TV propogate this myth, that if it is not easy, there is something wrong? That if it is a good marriage, we are always going to be "in-love" and happy and never have to work at it?

And aren't people who divorce because they don't want to work at a marriage anymore (I am excluding divorce because of alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery, or abuse) dooming themselves to always searching for what is unattainable?

Just mulling it over.

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