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Politically Correct


Are you a politically correct midlifer? Would you know the terms to use if you were invited to, say, a White House conference on aging baby boomers? Let's find out. Match these terms with the definitions that follow them. Then determine your score using the answer key (no fair peeking before marking).

Match these terms . . .

1. midlife

2. midlife crazy

3. gray hair

4. job loss

5. bifocals

6. menopausal female

7. menopausal male

8. midlife crisis

9. cosmetic surgery

10. career change

11. new sports convertible

12. presbyopic

13. bald

14. liposuction

15. obese

16. memory loss

17. wrinkles

18. teen-age rebelliousness

19. participant in midlife affair

20. plastic surgeon

With these definitions

A alternative aerobic therapy

B multi-visual

C calorically-enhanced

D vocational adjustment

E youth-impaired

F presbyopia-friendly specs

G leisure-gain

H the server is temporarily down

I estrogen-deprived

J fidelity-challenged

K macho-deprived

L temporary insanity

M expectation adjustment period

N baby boomer buggy

O relaxed-fit skin

P presidential plumage

Q antique refurbishing specialist

R follicle-challenged

S epidermal restructuring plan

T obedience deficit disorder

Answer Key













Answer key

The first number is the term; the second is the definition. 1-E,2-L,3-P,4-G,5-F,6-I,7-K,8-M,9-S,10-D,11-N,12-B,13-R,14-A,15-C,16-H,17-O,18-T,19-J,20-Q.


How did you do?

Number of right answers:

18-20 Savvy midlifer--You may speak at the conference.

15-17 PC novice--You may go to the conference, but keep your mouth shut.

below 15 Midlife redneck--You may attend Jeff Foxworthy's version of the conference.

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