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Response: She Helped Give Us Thanksgiving

I think this is a wonderful article. It helps bring home the reason why it's important to gather together, and reminds us of what our country was like so long ago. It also highlights an American female who apparently did a lot of good and shows why women needed the freedom to move around, and the good that we can accomplish. Four stars!! ~ Sarah Thomas Tx

April 16, 99

Dear Mike,

As president of the Philadelphia chapter of Women in Communications, I have the priviledge of awarding our annual Sarah Award. Named for Sarah Josepha Hale, the award recognizes: Outstanding contributions in the field of communications Achievemnets of professional excellence Advancement of women in the workplace Service to the community and society

I was scanning the internet for a good photo of her (mine has been recopied so many times it has lost alot of detail) when I came across your article. As newsletter editor since 1991 and chapter president since 1996, I've have written and spoken about Sarah for years.It's always helpful to get others input, and I wanted to let you know that I've taken some of your information for this year's invitation, along with some from another site I found (with a photo worse than the one I already have!)

Thanks for the column and for recognizing one of Philadelphia's finest woman communicators.

Sincerely, Marilyn Kleinberg

November 29, '99

I received a shortened version of the information regarding Sarah Hale and her role in the establishment of a national day of Thanksgiving, as well as her authorship of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" over the internet, and blindly accepted it as fact. I have been substitute teaching a 7th grade English class for the last couple weeks and we have been reading Across Five Aprils, a civil war novel. I thought that the information on Sarah Hale was quite timely and fit in well with our current studies. I shared it with many of the teachers and all 6 of my classes yesterday. I also emailed it to all my friends, since I'm a true trivia nut. Well, one of my friends emailed back, asking where I'd gotten the info. I didn't have a clue, it had passed from friend to friend. So I went on a search to find out if I'd been spreading truth or fiction, and I was thrilled to find your site, as well as verification of the tales I'd been spreading. I look forward to checking out more info on your site. Thanks for keeping interesting facts like these close to hand, via the keyboard! Leslie Allen

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