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Response: Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Life I Learned in Boy Scouts

 February 13, '98

I would be hard pressed to think of another column or story that has meant more to me than your article about Troop 66. Like you, I too carry the strength and reserve of power from lessons learned in that great organization. My experiences there came from the dedication of Oscar Hinger, Leroy Moreland, and Bob Brotherton--as they gave of their own time and energy to provide leadership for young boys growing up in Canyon, Texas. These men, together with others (like my own Father and Judge Bill Wilson) willingly dedicated a great portion of their life to helping form young minds. My own life experiences have taken me far from my hometown of Canyon. Yet the lessons learned in Canyon have served me well. Whether in teaching, business, or in my time of service as a Presidential Appointee in Washington, I have relied on the foundations of being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent to carry me through both good times and bad. Whenever it would be easier to "do my own thing" or "take care of me first", I remember how the older guys like Mike Wilson, Andy Moreland, Billy Dan Crossland and Ken Crossland would help all of us younger scouts. I'll never forget those experiences. I agree with you Mike--Troop 66 still lives on through those of us who were blessed by being a part of great small town tradition in a special corner of America!

Gene V. Morrison, Austin TX

March 4, 2000

Daer Mr. Bellah,
Your article in your web page seem to say everything I keep trying to tell my son about scouting. He came to me and his Mom one day asking if it would be ok if he give scouting a try, and of course it just mad my day ....that was tiger cubs when he was five. Since then he has been in scouting with many of school mates and has had many memoralble times.
He has just now in the past year crossed over to boy scouts and was almost lost due to a dead in the water troop leader  ( in other words he was lousy leader). We have now found him a new troop and he just loves it . You see Mr. bellah, I to was a scout and only made it to Life..but i learned a lot of the same things you did. My scout master was retired boot camp sergent. He was a well rounded kind gental but firm leader in a nieghborhood much like the south side of Chicago. So he had his hands full....well i wont bore you any more..but i apreciate you giving the scouts a positive plug. It seems to still be the right track for our young men to be on.
thanks    Eric,  Ahland City ,  Tennessee

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