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Response: Junior Boys' Slalom Champion

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You are quite right, stay the course. I hire many seasonal workers for our processing plant here in California. One of my standard lines is 80% of this job is showing up for work on time. You can't believe how many view as an onerous requirement, to be "on the job, on time".

I fish with man who for many years catches more fish than me. The reason? He isn't necessarily a better fisherman than myself, but as I look at him throughout the day, his line is always in the water. I never see him bait a hook, eat a sandwich, gaze off in the distance looking at the beauty around him. He does these things to be sure, but his line is always in the water. What does it take to get ahead? It's not talent, ingenuity, skill, or that winsome personality. These may help but in my experience it's "being there". Keep you line in the water and midlife just may turn into the good life.


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