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Response: Urgent or Important

 Mike: So I'm first? I feel honored.

Great stuff. Used it as a sermon illustration for yesterday's message. Fit in perfectly with living life in the right perspective: our long-term goals (especially living on earth in the context of heavenly goals). One of our worshippers even specifically requested I share the list with them, which I have done (giving you credit, of course).

The only item I might nit-pick with would be "urgent is improving your body." Might be better as urgent is losing 5 pounds this week and important is eating and exercising right every day. Improving character is definitely an important item.

Thanks again for great work and a great list!

David King

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Jan. 2, '98

Hi- I'm new to your site. I found it when searching for sites on career changes during midlife. Thanks for this week's column on Urgent versus Important. I tend to be one of those type A personalities that thrive on pressure and dealing with the daily crisis of the moment....juggling a more-than-full-time career, 8-year old son, husband, time for myself, the holidays, my own education, etc., etc.

Your thoughts here make for good daily affirmations. Thanks for the positive reminders!