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WebBoard Instructions

(You might want to print this page out for future reference.)

When you first encounter WebBoard (by clicking ENTER from the Friends' site), you will see three options: guest, new user, and a login screen with a place for your name and password.

After this first visit (when you will establish a personal profile and "register" for WebBoard), you will use the third option, typing your name and password. In fact, you might want to set a bookmark on your web browser at this screen for future visits (or you can always click your way here from the Best Years site).

You will always need to click "Accept" for each of the cookies that appear on your screen (if you have this disabled on your browser, you won't even notice them). The program will not work unless you accept.

For your first visit, click NEW USERS. This will take you to a screen asking for a login name, first name, last name, password, and email address. In addition, you may give your city, state and country.

For a login name choose something that can easily identify you to others, but not a full name (I don't recommend that you give enough detail here so that someone could locate you). So a login might be Pete_R or a nickname; just don't use anything that might be considered offensive or sexually suggestive.

Then type your real first name, and the first initial only for your last name.

For a password, use something you can remember easily (you might also write it down and put it somewhere now), but something that would not be obvious to others (don't use a social security number or home address).

For an email address, some of us have used our normal personal accounts; others have used addresses from places such as yahoo.com and hotmail.com that give free email accounts (this way you can receive email from people on this site, but will not have to divulge your personal account.

For your first visit, you can make up an email address (such as "me@myplace.com"). Later, however, we would like to have a place to contact you if possible. You can change your email address on WebBoard at any time by choosing the edit your personal profile option

When you arrive at WebBoard, notice the conference names on the left side of the screen. Click on ones of interest to view messages (which will appear on the right of the screen) from me and other guests. (You may click on the usernames of guests to find out more about them; note the difference between usernames and their messages--clicking on each will take you a different place).

To navigate on WebBoard, you may use the Back and Forward keys on your web browser, just as you normally do to get around on the web.

If you want to reply to one of the messages you are viewing, click the reply button nearest the message (don't use the black post button at the top left of the screen, which will create a whole new conference; also be sure to click the post button nearest to your message when you post the message after the spell check--clicking the black top button here will make you lose the message).

You may click the chat feature (top tool bar) to visit in real-time with anyone currently on WebBoard. Just find a chat room of interest and click "ENTER."

From time to time you will want to use the Mark Messages Read feature on the toolbar. This way you will know which messages are new and unread. Be sure to click on the More option on the toolbar, which will give you other options.

Use the help menu on the top tool bar of WebBoard, or the "Questions about WebBoard" conference to ask any other question about using WebBoard.

Most importantly, if you're new to an interactive web site, don't let the technology intimidate you. The people here are friendly, helpful folks, and will be more than willing to help you adjust. Just ask them.

Back to Friends of Best Years (to enter WebBoard).