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  • Please be courteous. No flaming (rude attacks on the character of other guests). This doesn't mean you can't passionately disagree on something.
  • Please no commercial messages. It's OK to recommend a book or other web site that you have read/visited, but no extended commercial plugs.
  • Please no gratuitous profanity or explicit sexual talk. We are adults here, and I don't wish to censure "normal" talk. On the other hand, guests at Best Years have come to expect a level of decorum and decency missing on most web chat sites.
  • Be careful of what you include in your user profile (which you can edit by clicking on your username and the edit key). As a rule, don't include specific information that would allow someone to locate you (so you could include a first name and last initial and maybe a city and state, but not the whole address and complete name; use your e-mail only if you want anyone to have access to it).
  • Harassment and threats (sexual, emotional, physical) will not be tolerated on this site. I want FRIENDS to be a safe place to visit.
  • Violations of any of the above can result in your immediate removal from the FRIENDS site.

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